We have been quietly working away in Edinburgh for over 15 years but we have now opened an office in Edinburgh, we’d like to introduce you to Lianna Denholm our Manager who has a wealth of experience in the property industry in Edinburgh.

Meet Lianna 

What your job entails? My job varies from day to day which is why I love it, I carry out Property Valuations, give investment advice on properties, regular inspections, marketing property, property management, organising maintenance and repairs, safety certification management, deposit disputes, viewings, troubleshooting and resolving any issues ensuring landlords are meeting their obligations with regular updates.

What’s the best thing about working at Cairn?  I love working for Cairn. We have a friendly staff, with more opportunities to grow and where your ideas are heard. My strengths lie with small to medium sized companies where I can make a real difference!  We have excellent SME system and in-house technology.  

What was it about the property industry that made you want to work in it? I could see how many rental properties there are in Edinburgh and how much money landlords are making!   I am passionate about valuing properties and always look forward to seeing properties that are traditional with lots of character or contemporary and quirky!

How long have you been in the property industry? 16 years

What’s the Edinburgh market like just now? According to Insider 03 Jan 2020”demand will continue to be strong resulting in higher prices although there will, naturally, be regional variations within this. You would expect to see hotspots such as Manchester, Edinburgh, and Bristol continue with only London, of the main cities, remaining slightly cooler as prices continue to readjust in the capital.” There is a strong tenant demand and the rent levels are high in most parts of Edinburgh. With the new legislation on Air B&Bs, and the growth of Cairn, I am committed to ensuring we hit our target to add another 150 new properties in 2020.  

Why should clients come to you?  I will always go that extra mile to ensure my tenants and landlords are happy. I am an experienced manager working in property, with excellent local knowledge.  My key strengths are:  Teamwork, trustworthy and hardworking! 

What’s the coolest thing you’ve worked on?  Researching and buying a house in Malaga, Spain in the mountains.

What are you passionate about?  I am passionate about healthy eating, nutrition, yoga, natural health solutions and I believe you are what you eat!  I love horse riding, (although haven’t been in a long time), getting out in the sunshine, dining out with friends, and going on holidays with my husband, family and friends. 

Should you have any questions regarding property in Edinburgh,
Contact 0131 346 4646 or enquiries Enquiries@cairn-edinburgh.com

Glasgow & Edinburgh Landlords 

We have had a number of calls asking if we can let out empty Air BnB properties due to the new legislation coming into force.

We would be delighted to help both private landlords and partner Air BnB companies. We are fully licensed and have some tenants waiting.



We would like to take a special moment to acknowledge all the hard work and tireless efforts displayed by all the brave Key Workers & wonderful NHS Staff at this difficult time.

We stand united in this together.

All the team at Cairn.