Cairn, Your Investment Specialist in 2021

Cairn has made quite a name for itself in the sales and rental market, but did you know it also has a thriving investment services?

For those looking to make an investment in the property market Cairn offers a property matching service where we look at properties on and “off” the market to suit your investment requirements.

Whether moving into the area, buying an investment to rent out, adding value through refurbishments for resale, or an HMO student property, Cairn’s combined market knowledge and access to stock can be beneficial.

We offer buyers a pro-active search and recommendation service at our discretion.

Another component of our investment service is to provide our clients with relevant information relating to the market, such as properties that aren’t yet ‘on the market’. Being a local estate agent there are a variety of ways in which we come across buying opportunities.

For example, by using our contacts with reputable surveyors we can sometimes offer investors the chance to buy off market before the general public is informed. Also, because of our presence in the market we are sometimes approached direct by property owners who know we can introduce a buyer.

However, even if you find property without our help, our expertise can still be a vital asset.

Cairn can help you objectively assess the property relative to your aims and if it matches up, we can help you work out what you are prepared to pay. We can then see that through to any potential development work and project manage this before handing it over to our “letting department” reducing your void periods.

Another advantage of our investment service is that we’ll always keep you updated on industry news and potential properties. This is done by sending you a regular update of available properties and providing you with generic advice. Invaluable given the current housing climate.

Our investment service offers the perfect balance of our hands on help and advice while still giving you room to breathe and make your own decisions. Our aim is just to help you make informed decisions.

If you’d like to learn more about our investment service or any of Cairn’s other services please get in touch and our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.