Tenanted Flats


One of our other main areas of expertise is selling tenanted properties for our clients.

As a landlord you want as many options available to you as possible to maximize your investment. Cairn can provide the service of selling your property with tenants in situ. We understand that selling your tenanted property smoothly takes communication. We liaise with you and your tenant. We also keep talking to you, making sure you know what’s going on and helping you take the right action.

Selling with tenants in situ will provide you with full rental payments up to the point of settlement so no loss of income and no additional letting agent fees, we can advise you on tenancy agreements, grounds to service notice to leave while ensuring your current tenants have a smooth tenancy changeover to new purchasers, eliminating any concerns.

On the majority of cases our tenanted properties are sold off market to our investment database this advantage ensures lower volumes of viewings so minimal disruption to your current tenants.

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