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Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow has a lot to offer its inhabitants. Whether you’re a student studying in one of the city’s many colleges or universities; or whether you’re a professional working nine to five.

Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city, has a lot to offer it’s inhabitants. Drawing on it’s vast historical and cultural qualities, it has something for everyone.

Situated on the Tay Estuary, Dundee is often overlooked when buyers and renters consider making a home in a Scottish city but in fact, there’s plenty for you to enjoy in the country’s fourth-largest city, no matter what your circumstances – student, young professional, growing family or established household. Did you know it’s Scotland’s sunniest city too?

As Scotland’s third largest city, Aberdeen offers a great range of opportunities from its vibrant sports and social scene, its cultural events calendar, and its world-renowned research and education institutes.

The Scottish Borders is a very special place to live, and with property here much more affordable than in other parts of the country, you can acheive a high quality of life for you and your family - a bigger home in a desirable location and at the same time benefit from really good schools and healthcare

The Bank of Scotland recently announced that Stirling was the country’s most affordable city to invest in; with the average cost of a house just four times the area’s average yearly wage