Changes to Scottish Repairing Standard statutory regulations

Over the next two years, beginning on December 1st this year, new mandatory electrical checks come into force for all privately rented properties.

New regulations from the Scottish Government mean that all electrical items in a rented property must be either Electrical Installation Condition Report or Portable Appliance Tested. It will be the landlord’s responsibility to do this. Exceptions are made for items belonging to the tenant.

As well as ensuring all items are tested landlord’s must ensure that checks are carried out by qualified electricians able to complete required checks, SELECT or NICEIC registered electricians are recommended.

From December 1st 2015 for new tenancies, and 1st December 2016 for existing tenancies, EICR checks must be carried out at least every five years. Additionally any electrical item not permanently connected to the electrical installation should be PAT tested. This too must be done every five years, but can be done at a different time. The results of checks must be documented on report forms.

Enforcement is the responsibility of the Private Rented Housing Panel who can issue a “Repairing Standard Enforcement Order” and ultimately a rent penalty for non-compliance. Non- compliance will be a criminal offence.

Although it is important to be aware of your responsibilities as a landlord our team work hard to meet statutory standards as normal practice. If something at your property does need attention we have built up a significant team of dedicated contractors who are on hand to carry out repairs of any size. You can be assured they are honest, reliable and most importantly can cope with our demands efficiently and professionally.

Our maintenance department will deal with your tenants promptly and update you regularly. Find out more on the maintenance section of our website here.

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