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Lessons the Property Investment world can take from Glasgow Warriors win

Captain Al Kellock led Glasgow Warriors to beat Munster 31-13 and lift the GUINNESS PRO12 trophy in Belfast last month and at Cairn we were ecstatic. Now that the celebrations of the evening are over we’ve had time to reflect and recognise that there’s a lesson investors can take from this huge achievement.

Our staff are huge fans and some of our team can be spotted at most games. The win’s been much celebrated, not least by us, but here we look at some of the habits of the winning side that also apply in property investment.

Lesson 1: Find The Right People

Team captain Kellock was keen to point out that “It was such a squad effort to get us to that point, using 52 players throughout the season.” when he spoke to soon after the game.

Undoubtedly there were stars of the match, Fijian Leone Nakarawa and Henry Pyrgos among them. While all good captains share their triumph Kellock hit the nail on the head, having the right people (all 52 of them!) bought triumph to the side.

A huge range of skills, and people, are needed to build and maintain a successful property portfolio and his words highlight that fact. As an investor this means getting the right team to help you build a strong portfolio.

Whether it’s using a property professional with local knowledge to identify the right type of property for you, and find it at the right price or getting trustworthy tradespeople to guarantee the safety standards in your properties having the right team to rely on is invaluable. Providing these people is something that we pride ourselves on.

Lesson 2: Persistence pays off

As long standing Warriors fans will know the club is no stranger to defeat. What got them to the top of their game was persistence, years of it. Kellock said “I’ve been at the club for nine years and we’ve been building and building and building for so long. For it to get to the point of winning the GUINNESS PRO12 is just beyond belief.” Nine years is a long, hard slog. We should know, we’ve been at the games!

This does however bring us to the second lesson – building a successful property portfolio takes work and patience. As The Warriors have shown the long game reaps rewards. As a business we have built our property network over the years to ensure that our clients get the best possible advice.

At Cairn we offer a huge range of opportunities for investors from student investments to distressed property and off market opportunities. We support investors by keeping up to date with current market opportunities and will work tirelessly to find the right property for an individual investor.

Lesson 3: So does planning

Head coach Gregor Townsend plans to achieve much more in the future. He’s been nurturing young players in recent years; young blood like Jonny Gray, Stuart Hogg and Finn Russell offer the team longevity. Townsend told RugyDump that “There’s a lot more to come from this group of players and they have now had the experience of winning something, which is fantastic.” They still have much more to give. While Kellock might be hanging up his boots his head coach has a plan in place for the next win.

Planning – knowing your market, understanding trends and the demands of new regulations is an area we’re constantly educating our team and our investors in.

In the property sector understanding what changes to rates and regulations mean to you is the key to profitability. We pride ourselves on keeping our team up to date so that our investors get the best advice. Like Gregor Townsend all good investors need to plan the next step.

We’re hoping The Warriors success will continue next year – and we know that we’ll be using their winning habits!

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