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Living in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city, has a lot to offer it’s inhabitants. Drawing on it’s vast historical and cultural qualities, it has something for everyone.

Since it’s inception, Cairn Estate and Letting Agency has operated in the capital. It’s a fantastic place to live, work, and raise a family.

However, if you’re new to Scotland, or maybe don’t know much about Edinburgh, then we’re here to help.

Hopefully, we’ve covered everything you need to know so you can make an informed decision about whether to live in Edinburgh or not.

Still very much a traditional city, there are many modern buildings in Edinburgh – and the city is going through somewhat of a facelift at present. Nothing demonstrates this more than the new Tram service which is currently being implemented.

What has been a bit of a running joke, and a bit of a sore point for locals, since construction began, will eventually become a jewel in the city’s crown, connecting Edinburgh airport to the very heart of the city.

With all the work having gone into the tram system, as well as other new and improved infrastructure networks, this is really an exciting time for Edinburgh.

Couple this with the announcement of major works to be carried out on Edinburgh Airport which will see a massive expansion of the terminal building, as well as improved services which is hoped will make the airport one of the best in the UK.

Improvements such as the tram network and airport expansion will attract more business to the Capital, which will make it a hotbed of activity, not only in Scotland, but across the whole of the UK.

Making the city more accessible is making it more desirable, and once finished, is sure to push the price of properties up, making just now a perfect time to either make an investment, or simply purchase your new family home.

The city is home to many fashionable shops, and is also home to the famous Princes Street, which offers many high-street shopping destinations, helping make Edinburgh one the busiest and most visited cities, not just in Scotland, but in the whole of the UK..

With all the history that surrounds Edinburgh, you’ll never be stuck for things to see and do. There are tours, walks, and museums you can visit including a worthwhile trip to Edinburgh Castle where you’ll get a great view of the whole city!

And if you visit the Castle at 1 o’clock, you’ll see the cannon technicians set up and fire the 1 o’clock gun, informing the entire city of the time in this tradition that is hundreds of years old.

And let’s not forget Edinburgh Zoo. You’ll be able to pop along and see a whole host of animals, including the UK’s most famous pandas, Tian Tian and Yang Guang… and maybe even the pitter patter of a cub or two!

Edinburgh offers some of the best restaurants in Scotland and is building a reputation for supplying us with the best European cuisine.

Looking to eat out? Edinburgh has a lot to offer, from the famous Hard Rock Cafe on George Street to great, independently-owned cafes and restaurants throughout the city.

Looking for a relaxing night out with friends or loved ones? Edinburgh plays host to many lovely boutique bars, which aren’t cheap, but when inside, you see why you’re paying that bit extra.

In these bars, you’ll be able to have a quiet drink in comfy surroundings, in a relaxed atmosphere – a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the clubs and pubs frequented by the city’s younger inhabitants.

As well as being rich in history, Edinburgh is also a very cultural city. It plays host to the world’s largest arts festival, The Fringe, throughout August.

Made up of many different disciplines such as drama, dance and comedy, the festival brings acts of all sorts to the many venues scattered about city, and has welcomed acts such as Ricky Gervais and Bill Bailey.

Many tours and walks are operated in the city. These tours can fulfil to uses; they can either entertain or educate.

Edinburgh Dungeons located under the city, in the old city, gives an insight into life back when the city was plagued by illness and even when the city was engulfed by the great fire. This is just one of many tours on offer in Edinburgh though.

The city is also home to the Scottish National Rugby team. Playing at the huge Murrayfield stadium, there’s nothing quite like the atmosphere of match-day in the west of the Capital.

And if you’re a fan of the silver screen, you’re in luck! Edinburgh has huge amount of cinemas, so you won’t miss that blockbuster you’ve been dying to see!

Of an active persuasion? Climb Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano located just outside the city, visit the Our Dynamic Earth and discover how the earth was made and even experience what would be like to live through an earthquake by taking part in an earthquake simulation.

And for those of you looking for somewhere to begin and raise a family, Edinburgh has a wealth of schools, colleges and universities where your children can obtain a top quality education.

Some of the country’s best universities are actually located in the Capital, and it’s surrounding areas.

Edinburgh boasts such universities as the University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Napier University, and Queen Margaret University. So no matter which field you wish to study, Edinburgh has somewhere for you.

If you think Edinburgh might be the place for you, email us or if you’re looking to rent a property in Edinburgh or even invest in one, give us a call on this number: 0131 347 2522.

You can also keep up-to-date with us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. There you can find out what we’re doing, or ask us enquiries.


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