Press Release – Property Investment and Estate Agency Eyes Growth In Uncertain Times


Glasgow, United Kingdom – It is no secret that the UK’s resilient property market is still able to support plenty of property investment and estate agent firms. Despite the economic woes of Britain’s turbulent economy in recent years, people are still investing their money in bricks and mortar.

The property sector is growing at an exponential rate, and investors are keen to capitalise on that fact. One Scottish firm, Cairn Estate and Letting Agency, believes that market growth will continue despite uncertain times, especially with issues like Brexit to contend with.

Why Cairn is eyeing growth in the property investment market

Despite the negativity surrounding issues like Britain leaving the European Union, Cairn believes that the property market will continue to grow.

There are still many people with cash to spare seeking to get their money to work harder for them. Traditionally, the most efficient way of doing so is to invest in tangible assets, such as property, that offer good growth potential.

A lot of first-time property investors are inexperienced and need help to ensure they get a good return on their investments. Part of the attraction of property investment is that there will always be a rental market, regardless of the area or type of home on offer.

Cairn is an estate agency that offers an invaluable service to property owners. For a start, they provide a broad selection of property and tenant management services so that investors can concentrate on other projects. In fact, some property investors even have full-time jobs, and so seldom have the time to deal with tenancy or property issues themselves.

Some of the services that Cairn offer landlords include tenant vetting, marketing, rent and deposit collection, and property inspections and maintenance.

Property investment portfolios professionally handled by Cairn

One of the unique selling points of Cairn is that they offer property investment portfolio services to novice investors and seasoned portfolio holders alike.

Their expert team can assist property owners with the sale of existing homes or the purchase of new ones. They don’t charge or offer “get rich quick seminars” but concentrate on providing solid honest advice that’s free to clients old and new. They can also measure your portfolio’s performance using their unique data model. Plus, if the properties in questions are to be rented out, they can offer a range of valuable tenancy services.

And if property buyers seek a quick return on their investment but don’t wish to rent their investments out, Cairn can provide assistance with renovation and refurbishment. Cairn is unique in that it’s not just a “typical” estate agency; they are staffed by property investment experts too!

To prepare for growth

Because of their experience and knowledge in property investing, Cairn have experienced an upturn in clients seeking to make greater returns from their properties. Thus, the company has recently established seven new positions to cope with demand, four of which are new starts and three are internal promotions. The company is committed to retaining and developing staff to better serve their clients.

Additionally, the Cairn office is now open longer to accommodate the demand; with longer hours on a Tuesday and Thursday, and new Saturday openings.

Furthermore, the company has recently invested in a brand refresh and updated website to establish their position as an expert property investment and management firm.

About Cairn

When it comes to property investment, many individuals and businesses rely on Cairn to take care of their specific needs. Founded back in 1999, Cairn is backed by an expert team of property and investment specialists.

Their job is to help all clients with a variety of things, such as searching for new properties, finding tenants, and handling day-to-day property management. Cairn is one of Glasgow’s leading estate agencies and property investment firms.

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