Bank of England Base Rate – Rising, but when? And what it means for us
For a while now there has been a lot of discussion and speculation about Bank of England base rate rising. This is a very speculative topic of conversation and there are so many differences of opinion. I have heard commentary around the next BBR increase to be in January 2016 but most recently the Association […]
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Landlord services and Eviction – What you should know
As every landlord understands the ideal relationship with tenants includes clear communication and timeous action on both sides to maintain the satisfaction of all parties. However, should one party deviate, that relationship can become strained. Fortunately both parties are protected by legislation designed to ensure that their interests are protected, but this legislation may be […]
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Plan For High Rise Living At Glasgow Harbour
Of late there’s been a lot of news surrounding high rise flats in Glasgow, most notably the proposed demolition of the Red Road flats which is set to take place next year. Across the city, it’s become unpopular to live in the classic 1960s and 1970s tower blocks, which has been the catalyst for many […]
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