Why you should consider Investing in Residential Property in Dundee
The Waterfront in Dundee hasn’t been the only thing growing at speed recently. Dundee rents have risen an impressive 4% too – ahead of Scotland’s national average – an attractive opportunity for investors. Recent figures show that average monthly rent for June has increased year on year from £510 to £531. While impressive (Dundee ‘s […]
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Is student accommodation no longer an ‘alternative’ investment?
Student accommodation is hugely valuable and an attractive opportunity for investors. The suggestion that it should be recognised as an asset class in it’s own right, not as an alternative investment opportunity should come as no surprise. The sector offers steady yields for investors and is worth more than £2 billion in the UK. Among […]
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Edinburgh Included In The Top Three European Cities For Property Investment
Many of you will have seen that London is seen as one of the places in Europe to invest in property. But it would appear the tide is slowly starting to turn. Analysis from property consultancy CBRE has shown that Edinburgh property investment conditions are on the rise, more than likely driven by London’s overheating property market.   In a […]
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Living In Dundee
At Cairn we know that the market is such just now that it would be madness to make a decision as big as buying or investing in a property without doing a little research first of all. Previously we’ve created blog posts about living in Glasgow and about living in Edinburgh. Although reading this post […]
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