Buying A Tenanted Property

Thinking of buying a tenanted property?


Worried how much it’s going to cost you?


In short, buying a tenanted property maximises cashflow and reduces capital expenditure.


When you buy an empty buy to let property you do have to factor into account your additional costs, property fit out, licenses, certificates, agency fees, etc and that all adds up. Not only the financial costs but your time searching, viewing, offering, renovating, the list can be repeated multiple times!

Buying a tenanted property allows you to save valuable time (which we have all appreciated recently) and money. You are buying a fixed price compliant ready property that is earning you income from day 1.


Cairn have sold numerous flats this way so if you’d like to find out more about our tenanted flats in Scotland available for sale, sign up to our newsletter or contact who will be delighted to talk you through the process.