Essentials you need for your student flat

Chances are you probably feel like you have spent the majority of your student career going out, attending minimal classes and packing and repacking to go from halls to a flat to another new flat the following academic year.

We are here to help cut the amount of time spent running around the supermarket and discount stores to fathom out what you need by identifying the necessities in one helpful place.

The majority of time your student flat will be already furnished, but sometimes there are a few items that don’t quite make the cut or you would rather get new.

First things first, a clothes horse. No one wants to waste unnecessary money on using the tumble drier and you certainly don’t want damp smelling clothes. The answer to all your troubles is the new heated clothes horse from Aldi- retailing at £28.99 but guaranteed to make your life 10x easier. Not only that, this clothes dryer can be easily folded away so you don’t need to worry about it taking up extra space in your already cramped flat.

Another staple for your student flat is a dish drainer. If your flat already comes with one of these we would probably advise you get a replacement as they can harbour gems and nasty bacteria which will see you spending more time in bed than in lectures…or bars. If you can, choose a metal one over a plastic one as they are more hygienic and tend to be more sturdy! These can be purchased for as little as £5 from supermarkets, online or from discount stores such as Pound Stretcher or Home Bargains.


If you are a bit tight for space in your new student accommodation, you might want to invest in an over-the-door rack like this. This can be used for winter jackets, bags or bulkier items, meaning that you can free up some space in your wardrobe for the important items.

Alternatively, this can be used in the bathroom for towels or dressing gowns and even in the kitchen for tea towels. The uses are endless!


Along with additional, “homely” items such as photos, fairy lights and cushions/blankets. Another necessity for a student flat is a laundry bag. If you are in student accommodation, washing facilities will probably be a short walk away in a different building. Once you are out of student accommodation and in a flat, you will probably be sharing with others so it’s best to keep your own items to yourself to save any arguments….and lost socks!

Some of the best laundry bags have handles which are easy to carry and light weight- these are best purchased from shops like IKEA or similar and definitely a necessity when it comes to organisation and student living.


So there it is, four of the staples you need for your student flat, to make you feel like your life is in order…because who doesn’t like that feeling…?