Guiding You Through The Changes to the Private Rented Sector

Recently we made you aware of the changes in legislation to the private rented sector in Scotland. This Private Residential Tenancy (PRT) coupled with the new Letting Agent Code of Practice is the most significant change in our industry since 1988.

This important legislation will take some getting used to for both property owners and tenants. However, Cairn are on hand to help guide you through the maze of new regulations facing the industry.

The property management world contains a lot of legal jargon to decode, especially with this significant change to property law, which affects some long-standing legalities for the first time in decades. With that, there will be new procedures you need to be mindful of whether you are a landlord or a tenant, new or experienced.

Cairn has years of experience in the property industry already and we’ve made it our business to know all the ins and outs of the new legislation. Our additional in-depth training for our staff means they are best placed to keep tenants and landlords alike fully informed of the policies and procedures they need to be aware of, and what is expected of them as a result, on every step of their property journey.

Day to day, our end-to-end service means we are only ever a phone call away to discuss how the Private Residential Tenancy will affect you personally in your specific circumstances.

The Private Residential Tenancy may seem a minefield of confusion but rest assured that Cairn is best placed to support you through these significant changes in our industry.