What your job entails?

Sourcing and selling investment opportunities for UK and overseas clients. Particular focus on HMO (House of Multiple Occupancy) Investments and portfolio management. Managing the Estate Agency divisions in both Edinburgh and Glasgow and adding value to properties for landlords through developments and refurbishments.

How long have you worked at Cairn?

Coming up 12 years, the roller coaster of trends and changes in the market through those 12 yrs has helped me gain the experience and knowledge of the property market in both sales and letting.

What was it about the property industry that made you want to work in it?

The property market in Glasgow and Edinburgh is a fantastic sector to work in. Meeting a wide and varied cross section of buyers, sellers, tenants and helping source and secure the right property for the right people at the right time – it’s challenging but I genuinely love what I do.

The best thing about working in the property industry?

Every day and every property is different and the diversity of our client base is always interesting meeting people from all walks of life. It’s an ever changing market, being adaptable, resourceful and proactive makes the responsibilities both challenging and rewarding. Being a parent myself, I really enjoy working with parent investors, looking for the right accommodation and investment for their family for the short term Uni days and beyond.

What’s the best thing about working at Cairn?

The fluidity of the business, and the enthusiasm of the team makes it a dynamic place to be.

One piece of advice you’d give your younger self?

I think woman (particularly young women) are so critical of themselves – try and not compare yourself and your life to others – hold your head high !

What you like to do in your spare time, interests, hobbies etc?

Nutrition and fitness are my main passions, running, challenges, munro bagging, open water swimming, water skiing, anything outdoors and if my little bown mutt can come too it’s a bonus!

Not a lot of people know that I…

Studied at New York Uni in the 90s which was an “awesome” experience!

Who are your hero’s inside and outside of business?

I try not to hold anyone up on a pedestal. I try and surround myself with positive, enthusiastic, good people, all trying to be the best version of themselves in both business and personally.

Where’s your favourite place in Scotland?

Caledonia ! where do I start … I can write a book on the beautiful places and experiences I have been lucky enough to have in Scotland. Mountains… lochs… islands…. Coastlines …. Scotland rarely disappoints me.  My home town Portobello is special but if I had to choose my top destination it would be Barra – there is something very magical about the Outer Hebrides.