Events every student NEEDS to be at this Summer- Glasgow Edition 

It’s a well known fact that Glasgow is one of the best places to be in the Summer, especially for Students- there’s no shortage of events in the Merchant City, West-End, South-Side and even the infamous Finneston Strip!


We have noted the 5 best events that no student can afford to miss this summer, so drag your friends, partners, parents or even grandparents along and make the most of your time off…!



The Merchant City Festival is a wonderful celebration of creativity which brings a carnival atmosphere to the streets and venues in the heart of Glasgow. The next performance is always just around the corner as artists, musicians, dancers and every genre of live entertainers join the one of a kind programme.


Glasgow’s stills are flowing again at The Clydeside Distillery. Come down to the Queen’s Dock and immerse yourself in Glasgow history and watch as craftsmen distil pure spirit by hand, the time-honoured way. Taste three wee drams from across Scotland and label your favourite to take home.


The only place to go when the sun’s out in Glasgow. Take your favorite book and plonk yourself on a nearby bench for the afternoon while you soak up the sun. Alternatively, bring a packed lunch and a travel rug and have your own private picnic while you watch the wonders of the West End unfold before you.


Working with a team of leading criminal barristers, a murder trial will unravel right before your eyes… but before the court room drama unfolds you’ll enjoy a two course meal with your fellow Jurors. When dinner is finished defendant Mr Frank Lane will be called to the stand… systematically our prosecution and defence barristers will lead you through the evidence… your job, to determine what happened, who’s guilty and who isn’t.

Freshers Week 2019.

Calling all University of Glasgow students: keep your eyes peeled for the U OF G FW 19 Events Guide for a fun, action packed week of partying, socialising and getting to know your new city. If you aren’t attending The University of Glasgow come September, keep checking your own University or college’s website for the latest news, events and on-goings.

Whatever your personal preference, Glasgow has something for everyone this Summer! Let’s just hope the weather stays…