Get your name on the list, the property list

Students live very busy lives and looking for a property for next year’s one thing on a long to do list  – so we’re here to help with a first look at our property list!

Before you start your search there’s a few key things to consider:


*Choose who you’re going to live with (and who you aren’t!)

*Agree to a budget that you can all afford.

*Find a location that works for everyone involved.

*Work out together what’s important to you – (parking spaces, ground floor, open plan.)

*Consider your commute and work out public transport.IMG_9827

Once you’ve refined your search it’s time to start looking. We can help by providing a tailored property lists showing only properties with the number of rooms that you’re looking for.

Choose who you're going to live with pull quoteFrom our base in the heart of the Westend our staff have helped students narrow their search down to the right property for many years, so we’re well equipped to help. We pride ourselves on developing properties to respected standards and offer a number of HMO properties (vital for those looking to share in a group) offering up to seven rooms, and can cater to a variety of budgets and locations.kersland street

At this time of year we’re working on our student accommodation list for the 2015/2016 term. Soon we’ll know which tenancies are being renewed and which properties are available for the year to come.

To get a first look at superior student properties sign up for our student accommodation list here.