Case Study: Is Your Letting Agent Performing For You?

A mismanaged property isn’t always obvious. Small things, like patchy communication and substandard repairs, can sometimes fly under the radar, while late rent payments and expensive maintenance charges can be explained away as the cost of doing business. 

This leads to many landlords remaining loyal to their current agent, even if the agent isn’t delivering as promised. Besides, changing agents is too much hassle, right? 

Well, we’re here to tell you that moving letting agents is actually easier than you might think — and it could save you lots of money. 

Here’s how one of our clients benefited by making the switch to Cairn:

How We Saved Our Client Over £500 per Month

Our client had a lovely property in the city centre of Glasgow, managed by a local agent. Unfortunately, the property had sat vacant for a little over a year, which resulted in the dreaded 200% council tax charges. 

The COVID-19 pandemic was offered up as an obvious excuse for the lack of movement, but when they started receiving bills for over £500 a month, they decided it was time to switch. 

This led them to Cairn, and within a week, we had their property looking great and on the market. 

Before moving to Cairn, our client had been told time and again that the rental market was “slow” over the past year. We were delighted to prove this claim wrong. Within a fortnight, we had an application for the property, and in under a month, we had a new tenant in place

What we did to help

To make the switch a smooth one, we did the following:

  • Liaised with the current agent, requesting and receiving the necessary documentation for the property. We then reviewed this internally and made a plan of action. 
  • Arranged a thorough property inspection to determine the current condition. We then provided quotes for any necessary repairs.
  • Advised the owner of what was required and arranged to undertake certificates/works to bring the property back up to standard. 
  • Marketed the property across our website, social media, and the leading property portals. 
  • Conducted all viewings, handled the paperwork, and placed a tenant within 4 weeks.

What our (very happy) client said:

Once those bills for over £500 a month started coming in, enough was enough.

We approached Cairn and the switching process was straightforward. They handled almost everything. The only job I had was to arrange key collection. 

Even though their team appreciated the urgency to get our property back on the market and rented out, I was shocked at how quickly they managed it.

I can’t thank the team at Cairn enough for their efforts. They are professional, dedicated, and efficient and I would have no hesitation recommending them in the future.

Interested in moving letting agents? Read our simple six-step process.

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